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Rules Governing Rating of Issuers of Call (Put) Warrants  CH

Amended Date: 2018.02.14 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Call (Put) Warrants
Article 4     The data source and scope of ratings of issuers of call (put) warrants include the following:
  1. The transaction amount of the issuer's listed (TWSE/TPEx) warrants.
  2. The market value of the issuer's listed (TWSE/TPEx) warrants.
  3. From the data on the platform of warrant information, select the warrants from 10% in the money to 20% out of the money, with the TWSE/TPEx listings of each underlying totaling 10 or more, provided warrants maturing within 15 trading days are excluded from such scope of selection.