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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for the Review of Issuance of Overseas Depositary Receipts in a Foreign Over-the-Counter Market  CH

Announced Date: 2014.10.27 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 3     A listed company to register with the competent authority the issuance of Depositary Receipts pursuant to Article 12-1 of the Overseas Regulation shall apply to the TWSE for an Consent to Issuance Eligibility with an application for eligibility (Attachment 1) accompanied by attachments submitted.
    The deposit contract between a listed company and a depositary institution shall state the following:
  1. Procedures prescribed by the TWSE shall govern.
  2. Mainland Area investors applying for redemption of the original shares shall comply with the Regulations Governing Securities Investment and Futures Trading in Taiwan by Mainland Area Investors.
  3. No person identified in Article 22-2 of the Securities and Exchange Act may issue Overseas Depositary Receipts pursuant to these Procedures.