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Taipei Exchange Regulations Governing the Conduct of Equity Crowdfunding by Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2020.08.20 (Articles 26 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2019.01.02 
Article 3     For the purposes of these Regulations, the following terms are defined as follows:
  1. Competent authority: the Financial Supervisory Commission
  2. Company: a company limited by shares that is organized in accordance with the Company Act of the R.O.C., and that is not publicly traded.
  3. Equity crowdfunding business: a securities firm establishing a website on the Internet to conduct the business of enabling companies to publicly raise funds from unspecified persons, enabling investors to subscribe to stock of the fundraising companies, and providing additional services for purposes related to the conduct of the aforementioned business.
  4. Crowdfunding platform: a website established by a securities firm on the Internet for companies to conduct equity crowdfunding and enabling investors to subscribe to company shares through the website.
  5. Information disclosure system: a website established by a securities firm on the Internet for the disclosure of information including the basic information, limitation on capital raised, and material information of the companies conducting equity crowdfunding for easy reference by investors.