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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Review of Listing of Exchange Traded Notes  CH

Amended Date: 2022.01.24 (Articles 4, 4-1, 6, 10 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2021.07.16 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 10     When applying for listing of ETNs to be issued, a securities firm shall submit an issuance plan which shall including the following information:
  1. Name of the ETNs.
  2. Issue date.
  3. Issue period, indicating the maturity date.
  4. Number of units in the valid issue. For issuance of additional units, the number of units in the previous issue, each of all prior issues, and this additional issue shall be specified.
  5. Issue price, including unit price, minimum trading units, and other trading information.
  6. Description of underlying indexes, including how indexes are compiled and calculated. For compilation of price indexes, how dividends will be distributed for the ETNs or how indicative value is adjusted upon distribution of dividends for component securities shall be described.
  7. Date on which repayment upon maturity and interim distribution of proceeds will take place and how it will happen. In the case of repayment upon maturity, information shall cover how repayment is made upon maturity, repayment schedule, and procedure for delisting, and specify the value of repayment shall be calculated based on the indicative value published after market on the last trading day, the last trading day shall be the second business day prior to the maturity day, the delisting day shall be the next business day after the maturity day, and other related information.
  8. Description of investor's fees, including details of management fees charged by securities firm, and how the fees are calculated and collected.
  9. How the estimated indicative value and after-market indicative value are calculated.
  10. How ETNs are issued. The information shall state whether underwriting or dealing will take place. In case of underwriting, how underwriting will proceed shall be specified.
  11. Which exchange where the ETNs will be listed.
  12. Purpose of funds.
  13. Hedging strategies.
  14. Risk management measures.
  15. Investor's risk.
  16. How investors subscribe and sell back ETNs to securities exchange market and the procedure. The information shall cover at least the statement that the sellback price shall be the indicative value published after market on the date of request, minimum sellback units, and schedule for distribution of funds and securities.
  17. Conditions on which the securities firm exercises early redemption (or mandatory redemption), suspends or resume subscription and stop subscription, and notification method. The information shall state that the last trading day is the next business day after the date when the conditions of early redemption (or mandatory redemption) are met, value of redemption is calculated based on the indicative value published after market on the last trading day, repayment schedule, and other related information.
  18. Procedure for withdrawal or revocation of validity of application by the competent authority, delisting procedure and actions to be taken. The information shall cover conditions of delisting, and the statement that the last trading day is the next business day of the day when the delisting conditions are met, and the value of repayment is calculated based on the indicative value published after market on the last trading day, in the event the compiler of the underlying indexes announces to stop compile the indexes, or terminate the index license agreement, the securities firm shall prepare a repayment plan and letter to be submitted to the TWSE, and other related information.
  19. The securities underwriter, if applicable, and liquidity provider and their obligations and responsibilities.
  20. ETNs shall be delivered through the book-entry system in accordance with Article 8 of the Securities and Exchange Act, and no physical securities will be printed.
  21. Other required information.