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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Standards of Transaction Charge Discounts to Market Makers and Exchange Incentive Program Participants  CH

Announced Date: 2021.02.09 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Securities Transaction
Article 2     The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) discounts for a market maker whose bid and ask quotes of the month conform to Article 4 of the Regulations the transaction charges of the month in respect of stocks designated by said maker (securities firm account: 555555-5), as below:
│Monthly percentage trading│Transaction charge        │
│volume                    │discount of the month     │
│Less than 10%            │ 10%                     │
│10% or more              │Monthly percentage trading│
│                          │volume                    │
│Note: (Monthly percentage trading volume) = (Trading  │
│volume of the designated stock in the regular trading │
│of the market maker in the current month) ÷ (Total    │
│regular trading volume of the designated stock in the │
│current month). (Totally trading volume = (Buying     │
│volume + Selling volume)                              │
    The monthly trading volume in the preceding paragraph does not include volumes of trades by the designated account alone or between the designated account and other accounts opened in the maker's name.
    For specific stocks, a 10% transaction charge discount is offered in addition to the discount in paragraph 1.