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Regulations Governing Public Tender Offers for Securities of Public Companies 

Amended Date: 2023.12.04 
Article 10     An Offeror buying back its own shares in accordance with Article 28-2 of the Act shall publicly announce, and report to the FSC, attaching the Public Tender Offer Report Form and the following supporting documents, before the date the public tender offer begins:
  1. The document referred to in Subparagraph 2 of Paragraph 1 of the preceding article.
  2. The meeting minutes recording the resolution by the board of directors to buy back the shares.
  3. A declaration from a board of directors meeting, stating that, taking into consideration the company's financial condition, there will be no effect on the company's maintenance of capital.
  4. The most recent duly disclosed financial report audited or reviewed by a certified public accountant before the board resolution.
  5. The opinion of a certified public accountant or securities underwriter on the reasonableness of the buyback price.
  6. The documentation required under Article 10 of the Regulations Governing Share Repurchase by Listed and OTC Companies regarding methods for transferring shares to employees or under Article 11 regarding methods for converting shareholding or subscribing shares.
  7. Affect on unappropriated retained earnings of the company.
  8. Other documentation required by the FSC.


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