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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Operation Guidelines Governing Liquidity Providers of Beneficial Certificates 

Amended Date: 2021.04.29 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Beneficial Certificates
6     The liquidity contract shall at least prescribe the following matters with respect to the responsibilities and obligations of a liquidity provider (the standards below shall apply to the period from commencement of trading to a certain period of time prior to close of trading):
  1. The calculation formula for the best bid/ask spread of the ETF beneficial certificates as disclosed in the TWSE centralized securities exchange market is as follows:
    (the best bid/ask spread) = [(lowest unexecuted ask quote) - (highest unexecuted bid quote)]/( lowest unexecuted ask quote)
  2. The minimum valid quote time by a liquidity provider for the ETF beneficial certificates. The valid quote time means the circumstance where a buy or sell order in which the price is within a specified range above the previous lowest unexecuted ask quote, within a specified range below the previous highest unexecuted bid quote, or within a specified range above and below the execution price. Minimum requirements shall be set for valid quote time and numbers of bid and ask quotes as calculated.
  3. The minimum amount of buy/sell quotes that a liquidity provider shall make during a suspension of matching when there occurs a circumstance specified in paragraphs 6 and 8 of Article 58-3 of the TWSE Operating Rules with respect to the ETF beneficial certificates beneficial certificates during the trading session.
  4. The disclosure of market trading prices is limited only by the duration of time of bid or ask prices except when the price of the ETF beneficial certificates goes limit-up or limit-down or when the disclosed best buy price or sell price is the market price; however, the aforesaid calculation of time may exclude the matching postponement period when matching time must be postponed due to a circumstance specified in paragraphs 6 and 8 of Article 58-3 of the TWSE Operating Rules.
  5. Agreement that the TWSE provide to the SITE, the futures trust enterprise, or the general agent for offshore funds all the buy/sell quotes and itemized statements of trading of the ETF beneficial certificates done through the liquidity provider's segregated ETF account.


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