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Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Securities Firms Recommending Trades in Securities to Customers  CH

Amended Date: 2017.12.21 (Articles 5 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2010.12.22 
Article 5     A securities firm concurrently operating securities proprietary trading or securities underwriting business shall maintain the independence of its recommendation business, to avoid impairing fair price formation of the securities it recommends, and to avoid damaging the rights and interests of customers to whom it makes recommendations.
    A securities firm may refrain from recommending securities held by its proprietary trading division. If it nevertheless must recommend such securities, its brokerage department shall not conduct any trade in the opposite direction within five business days following the implementation of the recommendation.
    The securities firm's proprietary trading division may trade securities in order to meet the hedging needs for the issuance of call (put) warrants or trading of financial derivative products, and in order to subscribe or redeem the beneficial certificates of exchange-traded fund (ETF), without being subject to the restrictions in the preceding paragraph.
    A securities firm shall not recommend that a customer trade in any security in which the securities firm conducts stabilization operation trading.
    When the underwriting department [of a securities firm] underwrites securities, the brokerage department shall not recommend trading in such securities during the period from the signing of the underwriting agreement with the listed company to the deadline for payment.
    When the underwriting department [of a securities firm] acquires securities on a firm commitment basis, the brokerage department shall not recommend purchase of such securities before the [firm commitment underwriting obligations] have been completed in accordance with regulations.