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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct  CH

Amended Date: 2020.02.13 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 14     ( Prevention of damage caused by products and services to stakeholders)
    This Corporation shall collect and understand the applicable laws and regulations and international standards governing its products and services which it shall observe and gather and publish all guidelines to cause personnel of this Corporation to ensure the transparency of information about, and safety of, the products and services in the course of their research and development, procurement, manufacture, provision, or sale of products and services.
    This Corporation shall adopt and publish on its website a policy on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers or other stakeholders to prevent its products and services from directly or indirectly damaging the rights and interests, health, and safety of consumers or other stakeholders.
    Where there are media reports, or sufficient facts to determine, that this Corporation's products or services are likely to pose any hazard to the safety and health of consumers or other stakeholders, this Corporation shall, within ____ days, recall those products or suspend the services, verify the facts and present a review and improvement plan.
    The responsible unit of this Corporation shall report the event as in the preceding paragraph, actions taken, and subsequent reviews and corrective measures taken to the board of directors.