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Amended Article


Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct  CH

Amended Date: 2015.01.28 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 1     (Purpose of adoption and scope of application)
     This Corporation engages in commercial activities following the principles of fairness, honesty, faithfulness, and transparency, and in order to fully implement a policy of ethical management and actively prevent unethical conduct, these Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct (hereinafter, "Procedures and Guidelines") are adopted pursuant to the provisions of the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx-Listed Companies and the applicable laws and regulations of the places where this Corporation and its business groups and organizations operate, with a view to providing all personnel of this Corporation with clear directions for the performance of their duties.
    The scope of application of these Procedures and Guidelines includes the subsidiaries of this Corporation, any incorporated foundation in which this Corporation's accumulated contributions, direct or indirect, exceed 50 percent of the total funds of the foundation, and other group enterprises and organizations, such as institutions or juristic persons, substantially controlled by this Corporation.
Article 2     (Applicable subjects)
    For the purposes of these Procedures and Guidelines, the term "personnel of this Corporation" refers to any director, supervisor, managerial officer, employee, mandatary or person having substantial control, of this Corporation or its group enterprises and organizations.
    Any provision, promise, request, or acceptance of improper benefits by any personnel of this Corporation through a third party will be presumed to be an act by the personnel of this Corporation.
Article 5     (Responsible unit)
    This Corporation shall designate the ______________ as the solely responsible unit (hereinafter, "responsible unit") under the board of directors and in charge of the amendment, implementation, interpretation, and advisory services with respect to these Procedures and Guidelines, the recording and filing of reports, and the monitoring of implementation. The responsible unit shall be in charge of the following matters and also submit regular reports to the board of directors:
  1. Assisting in incorporating ethics and moral values into this Corporation's business strategy and adopting appropriate prevention measures against corruption and malfeasance to ensure ethical management in compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations.
  2. Adopting programs to prevent unethical conduct and setting out in each program the standard operating procedures and conduct guidelines with respect to this Corporation's operations and business.
  3. Planning the internal organization, structure, and allocation of responsibilities and setting up check-and-balance mechanisms for mutual supervision of the business activities within the business scope which are possibly at a higher risk for unethical conduct.
  4. Promoting and coordinating awareness and educational activities with respect to ethics policy.
  5. Developing a whistle-blowing system and ensuring its operating effectiveness.
  6. Assisting the board of directors and management in auditing and assessing whether the prevention measures taken for the purpose of implementing ethical management are effectively operating, and preparing reports on the regular assessment of compliance with ethical management in operating procedures
Article 6     (Prohibition against providing or accepting improper benefits)
    Except under one of the following circumstances, when providing, accepting, promising, or requesting, directly or indirectly, any benefits as specified in Article 4, the conduct of the given personnel of this Corporation shall comply with the provisions of the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx-Listed Companies and these Procedures and Guidelines, and the relevant procedures shall have been carried out:
  1. The conduct is undertaken to meet business needs and is in accordance with local courtesy, convention, or custom during domestic (or foreign) visits, reception of guests, promotion of business, and communication and coordination.
  2. The conduct has its basis in ordinary social activities that are attended or others are invited to hold in line with accepted social custom, commercial purposes, or developing relationships.
  3. Invitations to guests or attendance at commercial activities or factory visits in relation to business needs, when the method of fee payment, number of participants, class of accommodations, and the time period for the event or visit have been specified in advance.
  4. Attendance at folk festivals that are open to and invite the attendance of the general public.
  5. Rewards, emergency assistance, condolence payments, or honorariums from the management.
  6. Money, property, or other benefits with a market value of NT$________ or less offered to or accepted from a person other than relatives or friends; or gifts of property with a total market value of NT$________ or less given by another party to the majority of the personnel of this Corporation, provided that the total market value of the property offered to the same counterparty or coming from the same source within a single fiscal year shall be limited to NT$________.
  7. Property with a market value of NT$________ or less received due to engagement, marriage, maternity, relocation, assumption of a position, promotion or transfer, retirement, resignation, or severance, or the injury, illness, or death of the recipient or the recipient's spouse or lineal relative.
  8. Other conduct that complies with the rules of this Corporation.
Article 7     (Procedures for handling the acceptance of improper benefits)
    Except under any of the circumstances set forth in the preceding article, when any personnel of this Corporation are provided with or are promised, either directly or indirectly, any benefits as specified in Article 4 by a third party, the matter shall be handled in accordance with the following procedures:
  1. If there is no relationship of interest between the party providing or offering the benefit and the official duties of this Corporation's personnel, the personnel shall report to their immediate supervisor within 3 days from the acceptance of the benefit, and the responsible unit shall be notified if necessary.
  2. If a relationship of interest does exist between the party providing or offering the benefit and the official duties of this Corporation's personnel, the personnel shall return or refuse the benefit, and shall report to his or her immediate supervisor and notify the responsible unit. When the benefit cannot be returned, then within 3 days from the acceptance of the benefit, the personnel shall refer the matter to the responsible unit for handling.
    "A relationship of interest between the party providing or offering the benefit and the official duties of this Corporation's personnel," as referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to one of the following circumstances:
  1. When the two parties have commercial dealings, a relationship of direction and supervision, or subsidies (or rewards) for expenses.
  2. When a contracting, trading, or other contractual relationship is being sought, is in progress, or has been established.
  3. Other circumstances in which a decision regarding this Corporation's business, or the execution or non-execution of business, will result in a beneficial or adverse impact.
    The responsible unit of this Corporation shall make a proposal, based on the nature and value of the benefit under paragraph 1, that it be returned, accepted on payment, given to the public, donated to charity, or handled in another appropriate manner. The proposal shall be implemented after being reported and approved.
Article 11     (Recusal)
     When a Company director, supervisor, officer or other stakeholder attending or present at a board meeting, or the juristic person represented thereby, has a stake in a proposal at the meeting, that director, supervisor, officer or stakeholder shall state the important aspects of the stake in the meeting and, where there is a likelihood that the interests of this Corporation would be prejudiced, may not participate in the discussion or vote on that proposal, shall recuse himself or herself from any discussion and voting, and may not exercise voting rights as proxy on behalf of another director. The directors shall exercise discipline among themselves, and may not support each other in an inappropriate manner.
    If in the course of conducting company business, any personnel of this Corporation discovers that a potential conflict of interest exists involving themselves or the juristic person that they represent, or that they or their spouse, parents, children, or a person with whom they have a relationship of interest is likely to obtain improper benefits, the personnel shall report the relevant matters to both his or her immediate supervisor and the responsible unit, and the immediate supervisor shall provide the personnel with proper instructions.
    No personnel of this Corporation may use company resources on commercial activities other than those of this Corporation, nor may any personnel's job performance be affected by his or her involvement in the commercial activities other than those of this Corporation.
Article 12     (Special unit in charge of confidentiality regime and its responsibilities)
    This Corporation shall set up a special unit charged with formulating and implementing procedures for managing, preserving, and maintaining the confidentiality of this Corporation's trade secrets, trademarks, patents, works and other intellectual properties and it shall also conduct periodical reviews on the results of implementation to ensure the sustained effectiveness of the confidentiality procedures.
    All personnel of this Corporation shall faithfully follow the operational directions pertaining to intellectual properties as mentioned in the preceding paragraph and may not disclose to any other party any trade secrets, trademarks, patents, works, and other intellectual properties of this Corporation of which they have learned, nor may they inquire about or collect any trade secrets, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual properties of this Corporation unrelated to their individual duties.
Article 13     This Corporation shall follow the Fair Trade Act and applicable competition laws and regulations when engaging in business activities, and may not fix prices, make rigged bids, establish output restrictions or quotas, or share or divide markets by allocating customers, suppliers, territories, or lines of commerce.
Article 14     This Corporation shall collect and understand the applicable laws and regulations and international standards governing its products and services which it shall observe and gather and publish all guidelines to cause personnel of this Corporation to ensure the transparency of information about, and safety of, the products and services in the course of their research and development, procurement, manufacture, provision, or sale of products and services.
    This Corporation shall adopt and publish on its website a policy on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers or other stakeholders to prevent its products and services from directly or indirectly damaging the rights and interests, health, and safety of consumers or other stakeholders.
    Where there are media reports, or sufficient facts to determine, that this Corporation's products or services are likely to pose any hazard to the safety and health of consumers or other stakeholders, this Corporation shall, within ____ days, recall those products or suspend the services, verify the facts and present a review and improvement plan.
    The responsible unit of this Corporation shall report the event as in the preceding paragraph, actions taken, and subsequent reviews and corrective measures taken to the board of directors.
Article 15     (Non-disclosure agreement)
    All Company personnel shall adhere to the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Act, and may not take advantage of undisclosed information of which they have learned to engage in insider trading. Personnel are also prohibited from divulging undisclosed information to any other party, in order to prevent other party from using such information to engage in insider trading.
    Any organization or person outside of this Corporation that is involved in any merger, demerger, acquisition and share transfer, major memorandum of understanding, strategic alliance, other business partnership plan, or the signing of a major contract by this Corporation shall be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in which they undertake not to disclose to any other party any trade secret or other material information of this Corporation acquired as a result, and that they may not use such information without the prior consent of this Corporation.
Article 17     (Ethical management evaluation prior to development of commercial relationships)
    Before developing a commercial relationship with another party, such as an agent, supplier, customer, or other counterparty in commercial dealings, this Corporation shall evaluate the legality and ethical management policy of the party and ascertain whether the party has a record of involvement in unethical conduct, in order to ensure that the party conducts business in a fair and transparent manner and will not request, offer, or take bribes.
    When this Corporation carries out the evaluation under the preceding paragraph, it may adopt appropriate audit procedures for a review of the counterparty with which it will have commercial dealings with respect to the following matters, in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of its ethical management:
  1. The enterprise's nationality, location of business operations, organizational structure, and management policy, and place where it will make payment.
  2. Whether the enterprise has adopted an ethical management policy, and the status of its implementation.
  3. Whether enterprise's business operations are located in a country with a high risk of corruption.
  4. Whether the business operated by the enterprise is in an industry with a high risk of bribery.
  5. The long-term business condition and degree of goodwill of the enterprise.
  6. Consultation with the enterprise's business partners on their opinion of the enterprise.
  7. Whether the enterprise has a record of involvement in unethical conduct such as bribery or illegal political contributions.
Article 18     (Statement of ethical management policy to counterparties in commercial dealings)
    Any personnel of this Corporation, when engaging in commercial activities, shall make a statement to the trading counterparty about this Corporation's ethical management policy and related rules, and shall clearly refuse to provide, promise, request, or accept, directly or indirectly, any improper benefit in whatever form or name.
Article 19     (Avoidance of commercial dealings with unethical operators)
    All personnel of this Corporation shall avoid business transactions with an agent, supplier, customer, or other counterparty in commercial interactions that is involved in unethical conduct. When the counterparty or partner in cooperation is found to have engaged in unethical conduct, the personnel shall immediately cease dealing with the counterparty and blacklist it for any further business interaction in order to effectively implement this Corporation's ethical management policy.
Article 20     (Stipulation of terms of ethical management in contracts)
    Before entering into a contract with another party, this Corporation shall gain a thorough knowledge of the status of the other party's ethical management, and shall make observance of the ethical management policy of this Corporation part of the terms and conditions of the contract, stipulating at the least the following matters:
  1. When a party to the contract becomes aware that any personnel has violated the terms and conditions pertaining to prohibition of acceptance of commissions, rebates, or other improper benefits, the party shall immediately notify the other party of the violator's identity, the manner in which the provision, promise, request, or acceptance was made, and the monetary amount or other improper benefit that was provided, promised, requested, or accepted. The party shall also provide the other party with pertinent evidence and cooperate fully with the investigation. If there has been resultant damage to either party, the party may claim from the other party ____ percent of the contract price as damages, and may also deduct the full amount of the damages from the contract price payable.
  2. Where a party is discovered to be engaged in unethical conduct in its commercial activities, the other party may terminate or rescind the contract unconditionally at any time.
  3. Specific and reasonable payment terms, including the place and method of payment and the requirement for compliance with related tax laws and regulations.
Article 21     (Handling of unethical conduct by personnel of this Corporation)
    As an incentive to insiders and outsiders for informing of unethical or unseemly conduct, this Corporation will grant a reward of not more than NT$_________ depending the seriousness of the circumstance concerned. Insiders having made a false report or malicious accusation shall be subject to disciplinary action and be removed from office if the circumstance concerned is material.
    This Corporation shall internally establish and publicly announce on its website and the intranet, or provide through an independent external institution, an independent mailbox or hotline, for Company insiders and outsiders to submit reports.A whistleblower shall at least furnish the following information:
  1. the whistleblower's name and I.D. number, and an address, telephone number and e-mail address where it can be reached.
  2. the informed party's name or other information sufficient to distinguish its identifying features.
  3. specific facts available for investigation.
    Company personnel handling whistle-blowing matters shall represent in writing they will keep the whistleblowers' identity and contents of information confidential. This Corporation also undertakes to protect the whistleblowers from improper treatment due to their whistle-blowing.
    The responsible unit of this Corporation shall observe the following procedure:
  1. An information shall be reported to the department head if involving the rank and file and to an independent director or supervisor if involving a director or a senior executive.
  2. The responsible unit of this Corporation and the department head or personnel being reported to in the preceding subparagraph shall immediately verify the facts and, where necessary, with the assistance of the legal compliance or other related department.
  3. If a person being informed of is confirmed to have indeed violated the applicable laws and regulations or this Corporation's policy and regulations of ethical management, this Corporation shall immediately require the violator to cease the conduct and shall make an appropriate disposition. When necessary, this Corporation will institute legal proceedings and seek damages to safeguard its reputation and its rights and interests.
  4. Documentation of case acceptance, investigation processes and investigation results shall be retained for five years and may be retained electronically. In the event of a suit in respect of the whistleblowing case before the retention period expires, the relevant information shall continue to be retained until the conclusion of the litigation.
  5. With respect to a confirmed information, this Corporation shall charge relevant units with the task of reviewing the internal control system and relevant procedures and proposing corrective measures to prevent recurrence.
  6. The responsible unit of this Corporation shall submit to the board of directors a report on the whistleblowing case, actions taken, and subsequent reviews and corrective measures.
Article 23     (Establishment of a system for rewards, penalties, and complaints, and related disciplinary measures)
    The responsible unit of this Corporation shall organize _______ awareness sessions each year and arrange for the chairperson, general manager, or senior management to communicate the importance of ethics to its directors, employees, and mandataries.
    This Corporation shall link ethical management to employee performance evaluations and human resources policy, and establish clear and effective systems for rewards, penalties, and complaints.
    If any personnel of this Corporation seriously violates ethical conduct, this Corporation shall dismiss the personnel from his or her position or terminate his or her employment in accordance with applicable laws and regulations or the personnel policy and procedures of this Corporation.
    This Corporation shall disclose on its intranet information the name and title of the violator, the date and details of the violation, and the actions taken in response.
Article 24     (Enforcement)
    These Procedures and Guidelines, and any amendments hereto, shall be implemented after adoption by resolution of the board of directors, and shall be delivered to each supervisor and reported to the shareholders meeting.
    When these Procedures and Guidelines are submitted to the board of directors for discussion, each independent director's opinions shall be taken into full consideration, and their objections and reservations expressed shall be recorded in the minutes of the board of directors meeting. An independent director that is unable to attend a board meeting in person to express objection or reservation shall provide a written opinion before the board meeting unless there is a legitimate reason to do otherwise, and the opinion shall be recorded in the minutes of the board of directors meeting.