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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporations Directions for Securities Brokers Preparing Trading Order Records Using the Internet or Other Electronic Means of Trading  CH

Amended Date: 2020.04.20 
Categories: Market Supervision > Regulation of Securities Firms
1     The securities broker accepting a trading order placed by a customer via the Internet or other electronic means of trading will have the customer key in the content of the order, which will then be verified by the securities broker's computer server automatically. In the event of irregularities found in the order, the person in charge of the brokerage trading (a senior associated person or associated person) shall review the order. If no errors occur, the order records shall be printed chronologically, and signed by the said person upon the closing of the market. The order records shall contain the name and account number of the principal, time the order was placed, type of securities, price (limit or market order), type of trade, type of validity (valid on the current day, canceled if not immediately satisfied, or canceled if not all orders are immediately satisfied, name or code of the person in charge of the brokerage trading, and order method etc.
    The above records of orders placed via the Internet shall contain the IP (Internet Protocol) address and the electronic signature; where an order is placed via voice-mail, the caller-end number display function enabled by the telecommunications institution shall be used to record the telephone number of the incoming call. Notwithstanding no printout or electronic signature is required in the event the storage operations of the trading order record meet the requirements in Article 75, subparagraph 8, item 3 of the Operating Rules of the TWSE; as with other means of ordering, such order to be transmitted to the TWSE shall include the transmission time and serial number. The above records and computer files of orders shall be retained for at least five years if no trading dispute occurs; in the event of a dispute, the records and computer files shall be retained until the dispute is resolved.
2     There shall be no skipped, omitted or repeated serial numbers in the above serial numbers of orders generated by the securities broker.