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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Call (Put) Warrant Listing Contracts  CH

Repeal Date: 2014.08.08 
Categories: Primary Market > Listing Contracts
Article 1     These Rules are adopted pursuant to Article 140 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
Article 2     When an issuer of call (put) warrants applies for listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) of call (put) warrants that it has already issued, it shall enter into a call (put) warrant listing contract with the TWSE pursuant to the provisions of these Rules.
Article 3     An issuer of call (put) warrants and the TWSE shall comply with applicable laws and regulations and the TWSE bylaws and public announcements.
Article 4     A call (put) warrant listing contract shall specify the type of call (put) warrants to be listed, date of issuance, follow-on issue warrant name, follow-on issue warrant code, multiplier, duration, underlying index, underlying securities or basket of securities, total number of units issued, issue price, strike price (index), exercise period (or date), other terms and conditions of issuance, names of liquidity providers, and price quotation methods of liquidity providers.
    If the issuance plan for the listed call (put) warrants is subsequently adjusted or changed, the adjustment or change to the listed call (put) warrants already approved by the TWSE as stated in the application form for call (put) warrant listing shall also be deemed a part of the call (put) warrant listing contract.
Article 5     An issuer of call (put) warrants shall, after the listing contract takes effect, pay a call (put) warrant listing fee to the TWSE at the time of listing according to the call (put) warrant listing rates prescribed by the TWSE.
Article 6     The TWSE may, pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, or the TWSE bylaws, or as it deems necessary when any other event arises that could affect the market order or the rights and interests of investors, change the trading method for the listed call (put) warrants or halt their trading, in which events it shall report to the competent authority for recordation within one month after executing those measures, or suspend trading of or delist the warrants, and report to the competent authority for recordation.
Article 7     All disputes arising from or in connection with the call (put) warrant listing contract shall be resolved through arbitration, and the provisions on arbitration in the Securities and Exchange Act and the TWSE Operating Rules shall apply mutatis mutandis.
Article 8     These Rules, and any amendments hereto, shall be implemented following approval by the competent authority.