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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Matters for Joint Compliance by Securities Listing Review Committee Members  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.31 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
1     These Compliance Requirements are established in accordance with the requirements under Article 3 of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation " Securities Listing Review Committee Charter" to ensure fairness and objectiveness in the review of listings of securities.
2     Reviewers are required to follow the principle of fairness and objectiveness and honor the spirit of independence and non-partisanship in conducting reviews and shall not disclose the contents they become aware of of cases assigned to them for review.
3     No reviewers may engage in any of the following activities during their incumbency:
  1. agree to, accept or purchase with an agreed price in any name the securities of the applicant company;
  2. agree to, demand or accept money or other undue enrichment from the applicant company, its securities underwriter, CPA or lawyers issuing legal opinions;
  3. accept invitations to meals or entertainment events from the applicant company, its securities underwriter, CPA or lawyers issuing legal opinions;
  4. engage in activities relating to loans or securities or act as intermediary for loans or securities not as part of regular business practice with the applicant company;
  5. unduly profit themselves or others by directly or indirectly taking advantage of review of applications;
  6. provide services or issue any expert opinion to the applicant company.
4     Internal reviewers shall voluntarily disclose their assets by submitting the information in a sealed envelope before the end of January every year. A new reviewer succeeding his predecessor who was dismissed due to change of job position shall make the disclosure within one month after he has assumed the position.
    Information disclosed by internal reviewers according to the preceding paragraph shall not be accessed unless approved by the competent authority or required in investigations conducted by prosecutors/investigators under the law.
5     Where it is necessary for the applicant company, its securities underwriter, CPA or lawyers issuing legal opinions to provide more details about the application, it or they may only do so at the TWSE or in a meeting of the Securities Listing Review Committee held by the TWSE. Aside from the above situations, all reviewers shall refrain from accepting, either directly or indirectly, explanations or requests from any such party.
6     (deleted)
7     Before a meeting of the Committee, reviewers shall follow the requirements of the TWSE Procedures for Review of Securities Listings and Operational Procedures for the Review of Foreign Securities for Listing by submitting their written review opinion and inquiry form (as attached) and act according to the TWSE Securities Listing Review Committee Charter.
8     These Compliance Requirements shall take effect after having been submitted to and approved by the competent authority. Subsequent amendments thereto shall be effected in the same manner.