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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information  CH

Announced Date: 2008.11.12 
Categories: Corporate Governance
   Chapter III Procedures for Handling the Disclosure of Material Inside Information
Article 10    (Principles of disclosure of material inside information)
    This Corporation shall comply with the following principles when making external disclosures of material inside information:
  1. The information disclosed shall be accurate, complete, and timely.
  2. There shall be a well-founded basis for the information disclosure.
  3. The information shall be disclosed fairly.
Article 11    (Implementation of the spokesperson system)
    Any disclosure of this Corporation's material inside information, except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, shall be made by this Corporation's spokesperson, or by a deputy spokesperson acting in such capacity in a confirmed sequential order. When necessary, the disclosure may be made directly by a responsible person of this Corporation.
    This Corporation's spokesperson or deputy spokesperson shall communicate to outside parties only information within the scope authorized by this Corporation, and no personnel of this Corporation other than those serving as this Corporation's responsible person, spokesperson, or deputy spokesperson may disclose any material inside information of this Corporation to outside parties without authorization.
Article 12    (Record of disclosure of material inside information)
    This Corporation shall keep records of the following in respect of any disclosure of information to outside parties:
  1. The person who discloses the information, the date, and the time.
  2. How the information is disclosed.
  3. What information is disclosed.
  4. What written material is delivered.
  5. Any other relevant details.
Article 13    (Response to false media coverage)
    If a media agency releases information that is in any respect inconsistent with material information disclosed by this Corporation, this Corporation shall promptly issue a clarification on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) and request the media agency to correct the information.