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Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation  CH

Amended Date: 2022.08.11 (Articles 79-2 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2021.05.11 
Categories: Basic Laws and Regulations

Title: Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation(2009.10.22)
Article 75-1 A securities broker opening an account for a principal shall comply with the following:
1. Except the following situation, if the principal is a natural person, he/she shall open the account against the original identity card and put signature/affix seal personally:
(1) where the principal is of no legal capacity or limited legal capacity, his statutory agent or guardian shall open the account against the original identity cards of the statutory agent or guardian and the principal and put the signature/affix seal personally. If the principal has not received an identity card yet, a transcript of household register or household register may be supplied instead. The guardian shall provide a certificate of guardianship.
(2) where the principal is a person dispatched by a juristic person to work overseas, he may entrust an agent to open the account against the original identity cards of the agent and the principal as well as the power of attorney and certificate of employment overseas issued by the said juristic person, both legalized by an ROC representative office or an institution entrusted by such office.
(3) where the stipulated limit on the daily trading amount of the principal does not exceed NT$1 million, and where a margin trading account is not opened, the securities broker may accept the account opening by the principal through internet, correspondence or other means. The account shall become effective after the brokerage contract has been signed by the principal and confirmed by the securities broker. The securities firm may at its own discretion conduct credit investigation on the account opened in such way; provided that when the limit on the daily trading amount is adjusted in future, credit investigation shall be conducted again in accordance with relevant rules.  
2.Where the principal is a juristic person, the authorized person shall provide a copy of the registration document of the juristic person, a copy of the notice of issuance of uniform number for taxable entities issued by the tax authorities (a profit-seeking enterprise may be exempt from submitting such copy of notice), the power of attorney, and photocopies of the identification cards of the responsible person of the juristic entity and that of the authorized person for processing. The securities broker shall confirm in writing that the account is opened through authorization.
3. Where the principal is a group that is not incorporated as a juristic person, it shall open the account in the individual name of its responsible person, and include the group name side-by-side therewith in the account name. To open the account, the responsible person shall submit a photocopy of certification that the group has been registered with the competent authority (or of its approval for establishment, recordation, or other evidentiary document of its registration), photocopy of the notice of issuance of a uniform number for tax withholding entities issued by the tax authorities (if exempt from income tax withholding, one copy of the Certificate of Exemption from Tax Withholding must also be submitted), and a photocopy of the National Identity Card of the responsible person. At the time the account is opened, a central securities depository account shall also be opened, and the securities shall be deposited. However, the account may be used only for sell orders, and may not be used for buy orders , and when the securities broker accepts a sell order, the broker shall first collect in full the securities to be sold before it may proceed to place a quote for the sale.
4. Except for certain account numbers that it may handle as an account without a number under exceptional circumstances for which reasons have been noted, the securities broker shall assign an account number sequentially to each account in the order opened; provided that numbers cancelled in (calendar) years other than the current year may be used sequentially.
A securities broker shall ensure that the items supplied on the applications are error free and complete. It shall not accept any order to trade in or subscribe to securities from the principal unless it completes the account opening process and the written confirmation procedures referred to in subparagraphs 2 of the preceding paragraph and keys-in the account information and account number into the computer system of the TWSE.