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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Standards for Determining Whether User Applicants or Data Subscribers Are Evading or Refusing Inspection Visits, and Rules Governing Emergency Response Measures  CH

Amended Date: 2002.07.05 
Categories: Information Operations
Article 3     User applicants and data users will be deemed to evade or refuse inspections in any of the following circumstances:
  1. User applicants refuse to accept the inspection letter issued by the TWSE without good cause;
  2. The head office of a user applicant fails to cooperate with the TWSE's inspectors by providing written information on the finance, business, account books or documentation relating to the use of the TWSE trading information;
  3. Inspectors are unable to enter the equipment room according to the inspection plan after having contacted the responsible person of the user applicant's equipment room;
  4. The user applicant's equipment room is unwilling or fails to cooperate with the inspection by disconnecting the modem experiencing a problematic connection;
  5. The user applicant's equipment room refuses or fails to provide supporting documents or give any explanations in writing within the specified time in regard to irregularities discovered during the inspection visit;
  6. No one answers the door or the premises of the user applicant are no longer occupied at the time of inspection visit, and the user applicant is unable to provide an explanation on its use; and
  7. The data user refuses an inspection visit whereupon the user applicant fails to temporarily discontinue the connection to support the inspection.