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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Contract for the Listing of Stock  CH

Amended Date: 2014.08.08 
Categories: Primary Market > Listing Contracts
1     According to matters set forth in the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation ("TWSE") Rules Governing Listing Contracts for Securities, pursuant to Article 141 of the Securities and Exchange Act ("SEA"), this Contract is made by and between ______________ Co., Ltd. (the "Issuer") and the TWSE regarding the application made by the Issuer to the TWSE for listing of the stock approved for public offering and issue pursuant to Article 139 of the SEA. Therefore, the two parties hereto agree as follows:

Article 1
    The shares in the application made by the Issuer according to this Contract for initial public offering include:
│Name of Stock   │Date of │No. of│Price per │Total │Note│
│                │Issuance│Shares│Share     │Dollar│    │
│                │        │to be │(NT$)     │Amount│    │
│                │        │Issued│          │(NT$) │    │
│1.Common shares │        │      │          │      │    │
│2.              │        │      │          │      │    │
│3.              │        │      │          │      │    │
│Total           │        │      │          │      │    │
    In the event of any amendment or addition to the Issuer's listed shares, the content of amendment, addition or deletion to the listed securities stated in the Application for (Statement of) Listing of Securities, Application for Change of Contents for Listing of Securities, or Statement of Conversion of Listed Securities, as approved by the TWSE, shall constitute an integral part of this Contract.

Article 2
    The laws and regulations governing securities and policies and rules of and matters published by the TWSE shall all be part of this Contract to be complied with by the Issuer and the TWSE.

Article 3
    The Issuer shall provide information about changes in the shareholding of its directors, supervisors, officers and shareholders holding more than 10% of the total issued shares of the company for the five-year period before the date (inclusive) of its letter to the TWSE for listing of shares, prior to the date of the letter.
    The information about changes to the shareholding of the personnel mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall cover their spouse and minor children, persons holding shares in the name of another person, and corporate representative.

Article 4
    Upon this Contract taking effect, the Issuer shall pay a listing fee of the shares to the TWSE upon their initial listing and within one month of the beginning of each year thereafter, pursuant to the listing fee schedule for stock listing set forth in the TWSE Securities Listing Fee Schedule established by the TWSE..
    The Securities Listing Fee Schedule in the preceding paragraph is an integral part of this Contract, and if subsequently amended, the amended schedule shall apply.

Article 5
    The TWSE may alter the trading method of a listed stock on the basis of applicable laws, regulations, or TWSE bylaws, or when it deems it necessary for other reason, and shall report the matter to the competent authority for recordation within one month after implementation; or, it may suspend the trading of or delist the stock, and report the matter to the competent authority for recordation.

Article 6
    This Contract is made in five originals. One original shall be delivered to the competent authority and the remainder held by the Issuer and the TWSE.

Article 7
    This Contract shall be reported to the competent authority for recordation.



    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation