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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Measures for Handling Malfunctions or Telecommunication Disruptions in Trading Systems or Trading Transmission Systems  CH

Amended Date: 2020.02.26 
Categories: Information Operations
2     When any of the following circumstances occurs as a result of malfunction or telecommunication disruption of the trading systems or trading information transmission systems, the TWSE shall, within 20 minutes after confirmation, publicly announce the system malfunction or telecommunication disruption. The TWSE shall investigate and ascertain the nature of the malfunction or telecommunication disruption within 40 minutes following the public announcement and, if it is determined that the problem cannot be remedied in a short time, shall announce suspension of trading within 20 minutes following such determination:
  1. Partial suspension of trading:
  2. When there is a failure or obvious error in matching any security.
  3. Complete suspension of trading (in any of the following circumstances):
    1. All securities firms are unable to enter information of orders.
    2. All securities firms are unable to receive execution reports.
    3. All securities are unable to be matched.
    4. Market information disclosures at securities firms' places of business and the Market Information System of TWSE are all disrupted.
    If any of the conditions listed in the preceding paragraph arises during a malfunction or disruption of data lines of the Directorate General of Telecommunications, the trading suspension measures prescribed in the preceding paragraph shall apply.
    If a system malfunction or disruption arises during the TWSE's engaging in after-market fixed-price trading, after-market odd-lot trading, auctions, or on-market tender offers, the TWSE shall promptly announce suspension of trading of the given type of transaction, and all trading orders thereof on the given day shall be invalid.