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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Securities Brokerage Trading Checkpoint Control Items Required for Trading Servers Used by Securities Firms for Trading Through the Internet or Other Electronic Methods  CH

Amended Date: 2015.01.22 
Categories: Market Supervision > Regulation of Securities Firms
1     The control items of the brokerage trading checkpoint for trading servers of security firms for trading through the Internet or other electronic methods shall contain restrictive or prohibitive provisions on trading in securities laws and regulations, and at least include the following items:
  1. Controls on the accuracy of the underlying securities in securities brokerage and their markup-markdown restrictions.
  2. Controls on the customer's maximum trading quota and credit facilities in a single day. The maximum trading quota and credit facilities in a single day of the same customer of the same securities firm (including the headquarters and branches) shall be summed up to the same account.
  3. Controls on the authorizations hierarchy of brokerage trading quota shall be summed up to the same account.
  4. Controls on the matters identified in Article 25 of the "The Self-Regulatory Rules for Understanding Principals and Credit Checking and Quota Management in Brokerage Trading by Members of Taiwan Securities Association."
  5. Controls on trading securities placed under an altered trading method.
  6. Controls on trading of stock in respect of which an announcement or notification of trading information and dispositions.
  7. Controls on the trading restrictions on special customers, for instance, overseas Chinese, foreigners, securities firm insiders, etc.
  8. Controls on stocks in margin purchases and short sales, including limits on margin or security loans, suspension of margin or security loans, or balance restrictions of margin or security loans by securities dealers etc.
  9. Controls on trading restrictions of odd lots and block trades.
  10. (Deleted).
  11. Controls on the effectiveness of trading accounts, for instance, ban on trading due to the incompletion of the account opening procedure, default and rescission of contract etc.
  12. Examination of the balance of securities in central custody in the event of an order to sell securities by the customer; if the customer is required to assign a custodian institution, the securities firm may decide whether to examine such balance at its own discretion depending on its requirement for risk control.