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Regulations Governing the Offering and Issuance of Securities by Securities Issuers  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 22     In the event the issuer meets all the following conditions simultaneously, it may submit the Shelf Registration Statement for Issuing Corporate Bonds (Attachment 15), provide all information required therein, along with all required documents to the FSC for effective registration. In addition, it shall complete the issuance within the scheduled issuance period.
  1. Its stocks have been listed in the stock exchange market or traded in the business places of securities firms for a combined period of 3 years or more. However, this provision does not apply under the following circumstances:
    1. Where the issuer is a government-owned enterprise.
    2. Where the issuer is a financial holding company conforming to Article 4 paragraph 4 of the Financial Holding Company Act providing that the subsidiary bank, subsidiary insurance company, or subsidiary securities firm be listed or its shares be traded in the business places of securities firms for a total of 3 years.
  2. It has periodically or non-periodically disclosed its financial information to the public in accordance with Article 36 of the Act or other relevant laws for the past 3 years.
  3. There has been no occurrence of rejection, or withdrawal by the FSC with regard to the offering and issuance of securities within the past 3 years. However, this restriction need not apply to the case where, following the date of receiving the notice of effective registration, the issuance has not been fully subscribed and payment thereof has not been fully collected in cash and hence the case has been rejected or revoked by the FSC.
  4. The cash capital increase or corporate bond issuance plans effectively registered with the FSC within the past 3 years have been implemented in accordance with the schedules and no material changes have occurred.
  5. The CPAs retained by the issuer have not received a warning or more severe sanction for their handling of securities offering and issuance within the last 3 years.
  6. The lead underwriter retained by the issuer has not been punished in accordance with Article 66, subparagraph 2 of the Act to discharge its director, supervisor, or manager or with more severe sanctions in connection with handling of securities offering and issuance within the last 3 years.
    Paragraph 2 of Article 12, Articles 15, 16, and 20, and paragraphs 2 and 4 of the preceding article shall apply mutatis mutandis to the issuer that registers with the FSC in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
    The scheduled issuance period referred to in paragraph 1 may not exceed 2 years counting from the date of effective registration. The issuer shall set the said period at the time of registering with the FSC.
    Where an issuer issues corporate bonds during the scheduled issuance period, it shall consign an underwriter to underwrite the issuance on a firm commitment basis.