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Regulations Governing the Offering and Issuance of Securities by Securities Issuers  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 29     The following items shall be specified in the terms of issuance and conversion when issuing convertible bonds:
  1. Issue date.
  2. Coupon rate and payment of interest.
  3. Date of interest payment.
  4. Type of corporate bonds, the face value of each bond and the aggregate amount of this issuance.
  5. The availability of collateral or guarantee.
  6. The name of trustee and material covenants.
  7. Terms of repayment (e.g. repayment of principal upon maturity, payment of principal prior to maturity, terms of call or redemption, etc.).
  8. The listing or trading at the business places of securities firms of convertible bonds of an exchange-listed or OTC-listed company.
  9. Procedures regarding request for conversion.
  10. Criteria for setting terms and conditions of conversion (including conversion price, conversion period and the classes/types of shares to be converted with).
  11. Adjustment of conversion price.
  12. The disposition of interests and dividends in the year of conversion.
  13. The disposition of monetary value for the conversion of less than one share while processing a conversion.
  14. Rights and obligations after conversion.
  15. The number of times and date for the bondholder to submit the certificates of conversion to acquire new stocks.
  16. Conversion shall be performed by either issuing new shares or delivering already issued shares, except that conversion by an emerging stock company or a company whose shares are neither listed on an exchange nor traded at the business places of securities firms shall be effected only through the issuance of new shares.
  17. Procedures for obtaining the convertible bonds.
  18. Other important stipulations.
    Where secured convertible corporate bonds are backed by the stocks of another company held by the issuer, the provisions of Article 25 shall apply mutatis mutandis.