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Regulations Governing the Offering and Issuance of Securities by Securities Issuers  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 7     Upon the occurrence of any one of the following events, the FSC may reject an issuer's filing for registration for offering and issuance of securities:
  1. The attesting CPA issues a disclaimer of opinion or an adverse opinion in the audit report.
  2. The attesting CPA issues a qualified opinion in the audit report and such opinion has an impact on the fair presentation of the financial reports.
  3. The Case Review Form prepared by the issuer, reviewed by the attesting CPA, and provided by the securities underwriter reveals any violation of laws or regulations or articles of incorporation of the issuer and such violation has impacts on the offering and issuance of securities.
  4. The legal opinion issued by a lawyer indicates that there exists violation of law or regulations and such violation has impacts on the offering and issuance of securities.
  5. The evaluation report from the underwriter fails to specify the feasibility, necessity, and reasonability of the plan for the current offering and issuance.
  6. The issuer files an application again under paragraph 2 of the preceding article within 3 months after receipt of notice from the FSC in which the FSC has rejected the issuer's application, has voided or revoked the application, or the issuer has withdrawn its registration filing or application made under these Regulations. These restrictions may not apply, however, to the issuance of new shares in connection with merger, issuance of new shares in connection with receiving transfer of shares of another company, or issuance of new shares in connection with an acquisition or demerger conducted in accordance with related laws.
  7. An issuer files for registration of a cash capital increase or an issue of corporate bonds, and the aggregated amount directly or indirectly invested in the mainland China area violates the regulations of the Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs. However, the aforesaid restriction need not apply where the funds are to be used in purchase of domestic property, plant and equipment and promise has been undertaken to refrain from increasing investment in mainland China.
  8. There has been a material failure by an exchange-listed, OTC-listed, or emerging stock company to establish a remuneration committee pursuant to Article 14-6, paragraph 1 of the Act or material failure to comply with laws or regulations applicable thereto.
  9. The issuer fails to adopt an electronic means as one of the methods for exercising voting power pursuant to the proviso of Article 177-1, paragraph 1 of the Company Act.
  10. There has been a material violation or failure to perform the undertakings made upon application for listing in the stock exchange market or OTC market.
  11. The FSC finds that there has been a material violation of relevant laws or regulations.