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Regulations Governing the Offering and Issuance of Securities by Foreign Issuers  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 (Articles 3, 5, 6, 8, 9-1, 65 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2015.11.12 
Article 29     After the issuance of TDRs, no additional depositary receipts shall be issued without obtaining an effective registration from the FSC, except under the following circumstances:
  1. Where new shares are issued as a result of cash capital increase and the original shareholders have the pre-emptive rights under the laws and regulations of the country of registration of the secondary exchange (or OTC) listed company, or the foreign issuer issues bonus shares, and additional TDRs corresponding to the amount of the newly issued shares may be issued; provided, that the additional depositary receipts shall carry the same rights and obligations as those of the TDRs for which effective registration was previously obtained from the FSC.
  2. Where TDRs have been redeemed, depositary receipts within the amount redeemed may be re-issued by the depositary institution; provided that the re-issuance by the depositary institution within the amount redeemed shall have been specifically authorized in the deposit contract and custody contract, and the shares represented by the re-issued TDRs may not be treasury shares repurchased by a secondary exchange (or OTC) listed company.
    For additional TDRs corresponding to the amount of the newly issued shares pursuant to subparagraph 1 of the preceding paragraph, the depositary institution shall deliver the additional depositary receipts to the holders within 30 days after the foreign issuer is permitted to issue new shares in accordance with the laws and regulations of its country of registration and shall, before delivery of the additional depositary receipts, make public announcement and file a report to the Central Bank of the total dollar amount and units of the issuance, the ratio of additional depositary receipts that a holder of each unit of the original depositary receipts is entitled to receive and the total amount of securities represented by the additional depositary receipts, and shall input the relevant information to the information disclosure website specified by the FSC.
    The additional TDRs issued in accordance with subparagraph 1 of paragraph 1 above shall be listed on the stock exchange or an OTC market on the date when such depositary receipts are delivered to the holders.
    The amount redeemed referred to in paragraph 1, subparagraph 2 of this article shall exclude any amount redeemed due to the repurchase of TDRs by a secondary exchange (or OTC) listed company.