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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Securities Borrowing and Lending Rules  CH

Amended Date: 2021.06.07 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Borrowing of Securities
Article 14     The subject securities in securities borrowing and lending transactions means any securities eligible for margin purchase and short sale transactions; any securities eligible to be underlying securities in the issuance of call (put) warrants; domestic component securities of securities investment exchange-traded trust funds (ETFs); and any underlying securities on which any of the following derivative instruments have been issued where such securities are listed on the TWSE or GreTai Securities Market (GTSM):
  1. Single-stock options or single-stock futures.
  2. Domestic and overseas convertible or exchangeable corporate bonds.
  3. Overseas depositary receipts.
    If any of the circumstances described in the indicators listed in the Key Financials Section of the Market Observation Post System, as shown in Appendix 4, applies to any of the above subject securities in securities borrowing and lending transactions, the borrowing and lending transactions of the securities concerned will be suspended from the following business day unless the trading method trading method is altered or trading is suspended, in which case the date of implementation as announced will prevail. The TWSE will announce an adjustment to the appendix in the event of a revision to indicators in the above section.
    Objects of securities borrowing and lending that conform to the first paragraph do not include stocks listed on the Taiwan Innovation Board, stocks primary listed on the Taiwan Innovation Board and ETF beneficial certificates traded in foreign currency.
    The subject securities as set forth in the first paragraph shall be those as announced by the TWSE and subject to any further adjustment by the TWSE having regard to the market situation.