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Regulations Governing Information to be Published in Financial Institution Prospectuses for Offering and Issuance of Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2020.03.24 
Article 22 The section on investee enterprises shall include the following items:
1.Overview of investee enterprises: Describing the names of investee enterprises, the businesses engaged in, the cost of the company's investments in such investee enterprises, book value, number of shares held, percentage of shareholding, net worth of shares, accounting treatment method, book investment profit and loss for the most recent year, distributed cash dividends and the number of the company's shares held by each investee enterprise. If there is market value information available on the investee enterprise, such market value information shall also be included. (Attachment 51)
2.Consolidated shareholding percentage: Set forth the following information on each investee enterprise: the number of shares held by the company, the number of shares held by the company's directors, supervisors, the personnel whose positions are managerial or higher, and the number of shares of the same investee enterprise which are held by the entities directly or indirectly controlled by the company. Calculate the consolidated shareholding percentage of the above categories. (Attachment 52)
3.For an exchange-listed or OTC-listed company, disclose the status of acquisition and disposal of the shares of the company by the subsidiary(ies) and the condition of pledge created for the most recent three years and up to the prospectus' publication date. The sources of funds and the impact on the company's financial performance and financial position shall also be revealed. (Attachment 53)
4.In the event of occurrence of the situations under Article 185 of the Company Act or transfer of a portion of the operations to the subsidiary(ies) for the most recent three years and up to the publication date of the prospectus, disclose any waiver of subscription related to the cash capital increase of the subsidiary(ies), the name of the subscriber, its relationship with the company, directors, supervisors, and shareholders holding 1% or more of the shares, and the number of shares subscribed.
5.List any sanctions imposed for violation of laws and regulations on the investee enterprise in which the company has invested an amount of more than 50% of the paid-in capital of such invested company, and corrective actions taken in the most recent two years.
The definition of subsidiaries under subparagraphs 3 and 4 of the preceding paragraph shall be determined by the regulations governing the preparation of financial reports for the relevant industry.