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Regulations Governing Information to be Published in Financial Institution Prospectuses for Offering and Issuance of Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2022.04.22 
Article 8 The "brief company profile" shall include the following items:
1.Date of incorporation.
2.Addresses and telephone numbers of the head office and branches.
3.Company history: This section shall, with respect to the most recent five fiscal years as well as the current fiscal year up to the date of publication of the prospectus, include information on any merger and acquisition activities, purchase of important real properties, launch of new financial products, instances where a significant number of shares belonging to a director, supervisor, or 1 percent or greater major shareholder has been transferred or has otherwise changed hands, any change in managerial control, and any other important matters that could affect investors' interests. This section shall further explain how the above matters will affect the company. If there is information related to earlier fiscal years that can help provide a significantly clearer understanding of the company's situation, such information shall also be included in the prospectus.