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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for the Exchange of Securities Certificates by TWSE Listed Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2017.08.31 
Categories: Primary Market > Applications
Article 2     A TWSE listed company that exchanges securities certificates shall do so in accordance with the following procedures:
  1. It shall, pursuant to Article 45 of the TWSE Operating Rules, apply for a change of the content of the TWSE listed securities by submitting by letter to the TWSE the documents including the Application for Amending the Listed Securities Register, documentary proof of company amendment registration, the Plan for Exchange of Securities Certificates, sample copy of the new securities certificates, or written undertaking, provided that if it is acting pursuant to Article 168-1 of the Company Act, it may supplement the documentary proof of company amendment registration after carrying out amendment registration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  2. The TWSE listed company shall, before the date the books are closed on changes to the shareholders register, and within the time period required under Article 46, paragraph 1 of the TWSE Operating Rules, submit the relevant documentation to the TWSE by letter and report it on the information reporting website designated by the TWSE.