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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Implementation of the Stock Market Surveillance System  CH

Amended Date: 2011.05.18 
Categories: Market Supervision > Stock Market Surveillance
Article 4     When abnormal trading as specified in the preceding Article is likely to seriously affect market trading, the TWSE shall make a public announcement to the Market and may take the measures listed below:
  1. Conducting trade matching for the securities with manually controlled trade matching terminals.
  2. Restricting the amount of the securities that securities firms can buy and sell.
  3. Instructing securities brokers to precollect buy-side payment or sell-side securities up to a certain percentage from all principals or from those who place large numbers of orders with securities brokers for securities that are being traded abnormally.
  4. Notifying all securities firms to make an additional submission to the Clearing and Settlement Fund when trading the security involved in irregular trading.
  5. Temporarily suspending margin purchases and short sales of the given security
  6. Reporting to and obtain the permission of the Competent Authority to suspend the trading of such securities for a prescribed period.
    The TWSE shall draft guidelines for the standards, manner, and duration of the measures in the preceding paragraph as well as the standards for abnormal trading and manner of public announcement in Article 3. These guidelines shall take effect after having been reported to the competent authority and approved for recordation.
    When the TWSE deems that abnormal trading of securities has occurred and has affected the security of market settlement, or under other necessary circumstances, the measures listed in paragraph 1 or other measures adopted by the resolution of the Surveillance Operations Oversight Committee may prevail.