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Regulations Governing Public Tender Offers for Securities of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2023.12.04 
Article 7-1     An Offeror shall adopt uniform acquisition conditions in the public tender offer, and may not make any of the following modifications to the acquisition conditions:
  1. Lower the public tender offer price.
  2. Lower the proposed number of securities to be acquired through the public tender offer.
  3. Shorten the public tender offer period.
  4. Other particulars as prescribed by the FSC.
    The Offeror may not change the time, manner, or place for payment of tender offer consideration as specified in the prospectus, provided that this restriction does not apply in the event of a natural disaster or emergency event. The occurrence and cessation of an above-mentioned event shall be determined and announced by the relevant competent authorities pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.
    The Offeror may not enter into an agreement or covenant with any specific shareholder of the subject company entitling the shareholder to obtain any special rights after the shareholder's participation in the tender through an offer to sell, so that there might exist any discrepancy in the substantial acquisition conditions among shareholders.