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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Guidelines Governing the Particulars to be Recorded in a Public Offering Prospectus for Call (Put) Warrants  CH

Amended Date: 2018.02.14 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 6     A public offering prospectus shall include the following items:
  1. Details of the plan for issuance of the call (put) warrants.
  2. A CPA's audit opinion.
  3. A lawyer's opinion on the legality of the issue.
  4. The issuer's relevant information.
  5. Information on the underlying instruments or basket of instruments.
  6. The governing law for all disputes arising from the call (put) warrant issue shall be the law of the Republic of China.
  7. In the event of legal action, the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of competent jurisdiction; where arbitration is stipulated, the terms and conditions governing the arbitration shall control.
  8. Other important stipulations.
  9. Other items required by the competent authority or the TWSE.