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Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation  CH

Amended Date: 2022.08.11 (Articles 79-2 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2021.05.11 
Categories: Basic Laws and Regulations
25     A securities firm shall maintain all accounts and related trading certificates, vouchers, books and statements, and contracts at its business location. However, if a brokerage contract between a securities broker and a principal is stored on electronic media that cannot be edited or erased and the original of which can be provided anytime, the place to keep the hard copy of the contract will not be restriced to the business location.
    The TWSE may send personnel to examine and review the trading certificates, vouchers, books and statement, and contracts referred to in the preceding paragraph, and securities firms shall not avoid or refuse such examinations; the securities firm shall consent that the TWSE may query the Joint Credit Information Center for information concerning the securities firm's credit with financial institutions.
    The TWSE Determination Standards and Handling Procedures for the Avoidance or Refusal of Examinations by Securities Firms shall be separately prescribed by the TWSE.
    Except as otherwise provided in the Business Accounting Act, the number of years that the books and accounts and relevant trading certificates, vouchers, books and statements, and contracts under paragraph 1 shall be kept shall be in accordance with the Required Periods for Preservation of Accounting Statements and Vouchers by Securities Firms prescribed by the TWSE.
    For brokerage contract not maintained at the business location as provided in the first paragraph, a securities broker should pay attention to the safety of the locatation, environment and facilities of the storage, enhance the security measures of access and maintance, and establish relevant internal control system.
    When deemed necessary, the TWSE may request securities firms to provide their financial and business information, and disclose them to the public.
    Government bonds which are in bearer form that are obtained by securities firms by utilizing their assets pursuant to Article 18 of the Regulations Governing Securities Firms shall be deposited with a custodian institution.