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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Awards for Reporting on Unlawful Activities on the Securities Market  CH

Amended Date: 2023.04.10 
Categories: Market Supervision > Stock Market Surveillance
Article 3     A violation report submitted to the TWSE shall be made in writing and include the particulars listed below, and the informant shall sign or fingerprint the report. However, in case of emergency or for other reasonable cause, the report may be made orally.
  1. The name, address, and national identity card number of the informant.
  2. The name and domicile/residence of the respondent or other information sufficient to identify the respondent; or in the case of a company, firm, or other incorporated entity, its name, the name of its responsible person, and its place of business or office.
  3. Concrete evidence for investigation.
    For a violation report made orally, the informant shall appear in person at the TWSE and state the particulars set forth in the subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph. The TWSE shall prepare an interview record for the informant to sign as confirmation.
    Except for provision of information to a competent authority as required by law, the TWSE will keep confidential the informant's name, age, domicile/residence, telephone number, and all other information sufficient to identify the informant.