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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Awards for Reporting on Unlawful Activities on the Securities Market  CH

Amended Date: 2023.04.10 
Categories: Market Supervision > Stock Market Surveillance
Article 4     No violation report to which any of the following circumstances applies will be entertained:
  1. The report is submitted anonymously or under a false name.
  2. The report does not comply with any provision of paragraph 1 of the preceding article.
  3. The matter reported does not fall within the scope set forth in Article 2.
  4. The facts have already been reported by the news media, and no further concrete evidence is provided.
  5. The matter reported is already under investigation by the TWSE or another agency, or has already been reported by another person first. However, this does not apply if a subsequent informant can produce material evidence more favorable to the investigation.
  6. The TWSE has already decided not to entertain the matter reported, or the case is closed following investigation and disposition. However, this does not apply if the informant can produce new, concrete evidence establishing the necessity of reinvestigation of the case.