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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Awards for Reporting on Unlawful Activities on the Securities Market  CH

Amended Date: 2023.04.10 
Categories: Market Supervision > Stock Market Surveillance
Article 6-1     If one of the following circumstances applies to a violation report filed by an informant, the reward shall not be given, or shall be returned if it has been given:
  1. The informant brought a false accusation against other persons of the violations under Article 2 of these Rules and is found guilty by a court’s final judgment.
  2. The informant files a violation report with forged or altered evidence and is found guilty by a court’s final judgment.
  3. Where additional rewards are issued for the same violation report under other laws or the rules of the competent authority, Taiwan Futures Exchange Corporation, Taipei Exchange or Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation, and the total combined rewards exceed the maximum amount under these Rules, the amount that is above the maximum allowed limit.
  4. The informant is in one of the circumstances in Article 8.
    If the informant in one of the above circumstances is dead, his or her successor should be asked to return the reward given to the informant.