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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing the Trading of Foreign Bonds  CH

Amended Date: 2008.09.03 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Other Securities
Article 23     Where a securities firm fails to complete the settlement of Foreign Bonds payable to the TWSE in accordance with the preceding article, it shall deposit in an account appointed by the TWSE a bond 120% of the product of the closing price of the execution day of the Foreign Bonds and the quantity to be delivered. The TWSE will then issue a "securities delivery voucher" in lieu of settlement temporarily.
    The securities firm shall deliver the Foreign Bonds within five business days and att the latest by the third business day prior to the day of principal and interest payment. If the securities firm still fails to deliver the Bonds, the TWSE shall re-purchase the Bonds from the securities firm receiving the securities delivery voucher after negotiating the price of the Bonds, or forcibly re-purchase the Bonds at 115% of the original transaction price.