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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing the Trading of Foreign Bonds  CH

Amended Date: 2008.09.03 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Other Securities
Article 18     All trades of Foreign Bonds executed are ex-dividend trading.
    The calculation of interest shall be based on the actual number of days between the interest-bearing commencement date and the trade date by way of including the beginning day and excluding the last day.
    Where the settlement to be conducted by a principal with a securities firm is postponed due to a natural disaster or the other force majeure, interest shall be assessed during the period of the postponement in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
    The date when a principal conducts settlement with a securities firm in the preceding two paragraph is by 10:00 am of the second business day after the completion day of the Foreign Bonds trade.
Article 20     The TWSE shall be notified of all account error and corrections to account numbers for Foreign Bonds in written writing by 10:00 am of the second business day after the execution day, provided, however, that Article 87 of the Operating Rules does not apply.
Article 22     For Foreign Bonds traded over the TWSE market, a separate "settlement list" shall be prepared according to the type of currency.
    The sale price of Foreign Bonds listed in NTD shall be combined with the sale price of those for regular settlement and sale.
    The time limit on the settlement of funds and securities receivable and payable with respect to sales of Foreign Bonds between securities firms and the TWSE is governed by Article 104, Paragraph 5 of the Operating Rules.