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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing the Particulars to be Recorded in Prospectuses for Initial Securities Listing Applications  CH

Amended Date: 2021.05.05 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 12     Important resolutions (supplementing Article 33 of the Prospectus Regulations):
  1. In order to adapt to changes in the economic environment and to strengthen the financial structure of the company, it is recommended that the listed company adopt a balanced dividend policy. The issuer shall additionally disclose matters relating to its future policy on dividend distribution, the timelines for initiating capital increase projects in the future, and the impact on the dilution of its profitability.
  2. A domestic issuing company or foreign issuer shall convene a shareholders' meeting to discuss the application for initial listing of shares and cash capital increase for issue of new shares for public offering prior to listing, reservation of a certain percentage of shares for allotment via negotiated sale, which matters shall be included in the notice of a shareholders' meeting under the reason for the meeting, accompanied with descriptions of these matters, and the resolution of the shareholders' meeting shall be fully disclosed.