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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Directions for the Review of Listing of Beneficiary Securities and Asset-Backed Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2012.05.15 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
3     A trustee institution applying for listing of beneficiary securities issued by it, or a special-purpose company applying for listing of asset-backed securities issued by it shall, in accordance with TWSE rules, submit a listing application form to that effect, specifying the required information and annexing the required documents, to the TWSE mail department personnel, whereupon, following registration and assignation of a case number, the application will be distributed to a case-handling unit. The case-handling unit shall, in order of receipt, appoint dedicated personnel to handle the application. The case handler shall then immediately sign his or her name on the case-handling unit's registration ledger to acknowledge receipt, and will safekeep the application and annexed documents, and inform the competent authority by letter.