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Amended Article


Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Directions for the Review of Listing of Beneficiary Securities and Asset-Backed Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2012.05.15 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
5     A trustee institution or special purpose company shall submit relevant information to the TWSE by the following time limits:
  1. Within three days from the competent authority’s approval of the public offer, submit a photocopy of the approval letter, whereupon the TWSE will submit the listing application form and all relevant documentation, together with the above review materials and the signed listing contract, to the competent authority for recordation, with a notice by letter to each securities firm and other relevant agencies for pre-listing arrangements.
  2. Within three days of completion of underwriting, submit a Beneficiaries/Holders Distribution List (Schedule 5) and make arrangements to determine a listing date that shall be no earlier than three business days from the date of submission. Where the TWSE case handler makes a review and ascertains that the listing requirements are met, relevant procedures will be followed for a public announcement on the listing, with the review results reported by letter to the competent authority for recordation. Where the review reveals that any listing requirement is not met, the listing contract shall be voided and its voidance reported to the competent authority for recordation.