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Directions for the Conduct of Wealth Management Business by Securities Firms  CH

Amended Date: 2022.11.07 
8     A securities firm conducting wealth management business shall, acting in accordance with laws and regulations governing the products and services that it provides, adopt the following management policy and working procedures, which shall be implemented after they have been approved by the board of directors (or, in the case of an ROC branch of a foreign securities firm, such approval may be given by a person authorized by the head office):
  1. Management policy: Shall at least include wealth management business objectives and strategies, market positioning, customer segmentation, products and services, organizational structure, and segregation of duties.
  2. Working procedures: Shall contain at least the following items:
    1. Personnel administration rules for the associated persons handling wealth management business ["wealth managers"].
    2. Working procedures for "Know Your Customers" evaluating.
    3. Working procedures for monitoring unusual and suspicious transactions.
    4. Procedures for using customer data, maintaining its confidentiality, and handling customer comments.
    5. Working procedures for business promotion and risk management of customer accounts.
    6. Mechanisms to prevent insider trading and conflicts of interest.
    7. An internal control and internal audit system, and a risk management system.