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Directions for Public Companies Conducting Private Placements of Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2014.12.30 
5     A public company shall report to the subsequent shareholders' meeting or meetings and specify the dates of the approvals by the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors for the conducting of a private placement of straight corporate bonds (including exchangeable corporate bonds) or securities with equity characteristics and the quantity approved, the basis and reasonableness of the private placement price, the method for selecting the specific persons, the reasons for the necessity of conducting the private placement, the placees of the private placement, qualification requirements, subscription quantities, relationship to the company, involvement in company operations, actual subscription (or issuance) price, the discrepancy between the actual subscription (or issuance) price and the reference (or theoretical) price, any effect of the private placement on shareholder equity, and the status of utilization of the funds, plan implementation progress, and the realization of plan benefits from the time the price of the shares or subscription has been paid up in full until the fund utilization plan has been completely carried out.