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Regulations Governing Custody and Investment of Funds by Securities Firms on Behalf of Customers  CH

Amended Date: 2015.01.21 
Article 23     A securities firm shall keep custody of and invest funds on behalf of customers in accordance with the operating rules of such business operations.
    The operating rules referred to in the preceding paragraph shall include procedures for commencement and termination of the business by the securities firm, ratio limits on amounts of transactions with interested parties and information disclosure, reporting of the amount of transactions the securities firm handles, the method for transfer from the source of the funds to be kept under custody and used for investment, the rules for funds investment, the distribution of profits and losses from investments, account management and data transmission for payments and receipts of funds and investments, the application for withdrawal of funds by customers, and other matters as required by the competent authority. The operating rules shall be jointly drafted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Taipei Exchange and submitted to the competent authority for approval.