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Regulations Governing the Operation of Securities Introducing Broker Business by Futures Commission Merchants  CH

Amended Date: 2014.05.29 
Article 21     When a futures commission merchant receives permission from the competent authority to operate securities introducing broker business, it shall complete amendment of its business registration, then open a special account with a financial institution designated by the competent authority and deposit an operating bond. An operating bond shall also be deposited when a branch unit receives permission to operate securities introducing broker business.
    The operating bond required under the preceding paragraph is NT$10 million for the securities introducing broker and NT$5 million for each branch unit.
    The financial institution in paragraph one shall be a bank that has been approved to operate custody business, and meets the conditions prescribed by the competent authority.
    The operating bonds of paragraph one shall be deposited in the form of cash, government bonds, or financial bonds.
    Operating bonds deposited by a futures commission merchant in connection with its operation of securities introducing broker business may not be separately deposited in different institutions, reported lost, or rescinded. The deposited operating bond and associated certificate of depository may not be provided as a security, and unless approved by the competent authority, may not be withdrawn or replaced.