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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct  CH

Amended Date: 2015.01.28 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 15     (Non-disclosure agreement)
    All Company personnel shall adhere to the provisions of the Securities and Exchange Act, and may not take advantage of undisclosed information of which they have learned to engage in insider trading. Personnel are also prohibited from divulging undisclosed information to any other party, in order to prevent other party from using such information to engage in insider trading.
    Any organization or person outside of this Corporation that is involved in any merger, demerger, acquisition and share transfer, major memorandum of understanding, strategic alliance, other business partnership plan, or the signing of a major contract by this Corporation shall be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in which they undertake not to disclose to any other party any trade secret or other material information of this Corporation acquired as a result, and that they may not use such information without the prior consent of this Corporation.