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Regulations Governing the Operation of and Compliance Requirements for Split Voting by Shareholders of Public Companies  CH

Announced Date: 2012.04.13 
Article 6     When a shareholder applies to exercise split voting, unless the application documents are incomplete, the company shall make a notation in the shareholders register that the shareholder may exercise split voting. Once the company has made a notation that the shareholder may exercise split voting, the shareholder need not submit any further application to the company for subsequent shareholders meetings, except in the event of cancellation or termination pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 2.
    If a shareholder’s application documents are incomplete, the Company shall, within 2 days from the date of receipt of the application, notify the shareholder to make supplementations or corrections within a set time limit. If the shareholder fails to make the supplementations or corrections within the time limit, the company shall at the latest return the shareholder’s application before 2 days before the date of the shareholders meeting, and notify the shareholder of the reasons for returning it.
    If a shareholder has any question about the company’s return of the shareholder’s application, the company shall provide an explanation.