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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Operation Procedures for Appeals Filed by Employees of Securities Firms in Disposition Cases  CH

Amended Date: 2014.11.27 
Categories: Market Supervision > Regulation of Securities Firms
6     The Appeal Review Committee is composed of 13 members as follows:
  1. External members:
    1. The Taiwan Securities Association shall appoint four representatives for each meeting, and provide the list of representatives to the TWSE three days prior to the meeting.
    2. The TWSE shall select five representatives who are fair and impartial persons with expertise in law and securities practice and who are not employed at any securities firms to serve a 1-year term. In the event of a change of duties or resignation by any representative, the TWSE may select a new representative to complete the term of office.
  2. Internal members: The TWSE shall appoint four other members, consisting of the TWSE Senior Executive Vice President and the heads of the Trading Department, Intermediaries Service Department, and Secretarial & Legal Department, or a person appointed thereby, for each meeting.