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Company Act 

Amended Date: 2021.12.29 
Article 177     A shareholder may appoint a proxy to attend a shareholders’ meeting in his/her/its behalf by executing a power of attorney stating therein the scope of power authorized to the proxy. However, a public company shall comply with the provisions otherwise stipulated by the competent authority in charge of securities affairs.
    Except for trust enterprises or stock agencies approved by the competent authority, when a person who acts as the proxy for two or more shareholders, the number of voting power represented by him/her shall not exceed 3% of the total number of voting shares of the company, otherwise, the portion of excessive voting power shall not be counted.
    A shareholder may only execute one power of attorney and appoint one proxy only, and shall serve such written proxy to the company no later than 5 days prior to the meeting date of the shareholders’ meeting. In case two or more written proxies are received from one shareholder, the first one received by the company shall prevail; unless an explicit statement to revoke the previous written proxy is made in the proxy which comes later.
    After the service of the power of attorney of a proxy to the company, in case the shareholder issuing the said proxy intends to attend the shareholders’ meeting in person or to exercise his/her/its voting power in writing or by way of electronic transmission , a proxy rescission notice shall be filed with the company two days prior to the date of the shareholders’ meeting as scheduled in the shareholders’ meeting notice so as to rescind the proxy at issue, otherwise, the voting power exercised by the authorized proxy at the meeting shall prevail.