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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Listing Contract for Call (Put) Warrants  CH

Amended Date: 2018.02.14 
Categories: Primary Market > Listing Contracts
1     According to Article 141 of the Securities and Exchange Act ("Act") and the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation ("TWSE") Rules Governing Listing Contracts for Securities, this Contract is made by and between ______________Institution ("Issuer") and the TWSE regarding the TWSE listing application of the duly approved call (put) warrants offered pursuant to Article 139 of the Act. Therefore, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Article 1
    Particulars of the listing of the call (put) warrants for which the Issuer applies according to this Contract include:
│Issuance date (for follow-on issue, please  │              │
│fill in the date of initial offering)       │              │
│Abbreviation of the warrant in the follow-on│              │
│issue (not applicable to initial offering)  │              │
│Code of the warrant in the follow-on issue  │              │
│(not applicable to initial offering)        │              │
│Type                                        │              │
│Underlying instrument or instrument         │              │
│portfolio                                   │              │
│Total number of issuance units (please fill │              │
│in the volume of the follow-on issuance for │              │
│follow-on issuance)                         │              │
│Multiplier                                  │              │
│Issuance price                              │              │
│Period of validity                          │              │
│Strike price (point)                        │              │
│Exercise period (date)                      │              │
│Other terms of issuance                     │              │
│Name of liquidity provider                  │              │
│Quoting method of the liquidity provider    │              │
    In the event of a subsequent change in the content of the issuance plan, the adjustments or amendments to the call (put) warrants specified in the Application for Listing of Call (Put) Warrants approved by the TWSE are deemed an integral part of this Contract for the call (put) warrants.
Article 2
    Relevant laws and regulations governing securities and the rules and announcements of the TWSE shall constitute an integral part of this Contract and be observed by the Issuer and TWSE.
Article 3
    Upon this Contract taking effect, the Issuer shall pay the listing fees of call (put) warrants to the TWSE upon listing, pursuant to the fee schedule set forth in the TWSE Rate Table for Securities Listing Fees.
Article 4
    The TWSE may change the method of trading or suspend the trading of call (put) warrants pursuant to relevant laws and regulations or rules of the TWSE, or based on other circumstances as it deems necessary due to factor sufficient to affect market order or the interests of investors, in which event it shall report to the competent authority for its recordation within one month from the change or suspension; or, it may suspend the trading or terminate the listing of the call (put) warrants, and report the matter to the competent authority for recordation.
Article 5
    This Contract is executed in five counterparts, one of which shall be delivered to the competent authority and the others to the Issuer and TWSE to be held by them.
Article 6
    This Contract shall be filed with the competent authority for recordation.

    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation

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