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Standard Operation Procedure and Directions for Control of "Internal Decision-making Process of Shareholders Meetings Attended by Securities Firms Holing the Companies' Shares and Appointment of Persons to Exercise the Voting Right"  CH

Amended Date: 2017.03.17 
Categories: Corporate Governance
1     A securities firm shall handle relevant matters regarding attendance at the internal decision-making process of a shareholders meetings and appointment of persons to exercise the voting rights pursuant to Article 20 of the Regulations Governing Securities Firms.
2     A securities firm shall exercise the equities rights in the best interest of the company and shall not, directly or indirectly, participate in the operation of the issuing company or have any inappropriate arrangement.
3     When a securities firm receives a meeting notice from the company of which it holds shares, it shall, within the allotted time for convening the shareholders' meeting, have the responsible department handle the relevant operation procedures regarding appointment of attendees, decisions about exercise of voting right, etc. and retain the information for recordation.
4     A securities firm not adopting electronic voting at a shareholder meeting of a company of which it holds shares and holding less than 300,000 shares of such company may elect not to appoint personnel to attend said meeting notwithstanding the restriction in Article 20, paragraph 2 of the Regulations Governing Securities Firms. Unless electronic voting is adopted, a securities attending a shareholders' meetingshall have its voting right exercised bythe natural person of its insiders (excluding spouses and minors) as appointed by it.
5     A securities firm may exercise its voting right in shares held as mentioned above in writing orelectronically pursuant to Article 177-1 of the Company Act.
6     A securities firm shall specify the instructions of how the voting right of each proposal shall be exercised on the letter of appointmentexcept in the case of electronicexercise, in whichcase no such letter isrequire. Both letters of appointment in the event of personal attendance and recordsof electronic voting in the event of electronic exercise shall be retained in writing or electronically for recordation.
7     Information of the cases where securities firms attend the shareholders' meetings and exercise the voting right shall be retained for recordation.
8     Where a securities firm serves as a director or supervisor of a company of which it holds shares, its legal representative shall be an insider of the securities firm (excluding the spouse and minors of the insider), if not, reasonable excuses shall be presented, and the information of such excuses and its appointment procedure of the legal representative, etc. shall be retained for recordation.