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Subordinate Legislation


Company Act  CH

Amended Date: 2021.12.29 
1. Criteria Governing Preparation of Affiliation Reports, Consolidated Business Reports and Consolidated Financial Statements of Affiliated Enterprises(2000.10.17) CH
2. Regulations Governing Attestation of Share Certificates Issued by Companies Limited by Shares(2018.11.08) CH
3. Regulations Governing Auditing and Attestation of Financial Statements by Certified Public Accountant(2015.11.30)
4. Regulations Governing Collection of Company Registration Fees(2018.11.08) CH
5. Regulations Governing Company Registration(2021.04.23) CH
6. Regulations Governing Content and Compliance Requirements for Shareholders' Meeting Agenda Handbooks of Public Companies(2022.03.04) CH
7. Regulations Governing Filing and Auditing of the Annual Accounting Final Reports and Statements of the Company(2018.11.08) CH
8. Regulations Governing Independent Certified Public Accountant Auditing the Registered Capital Amount of Companies(2018.11.08) CH
9. Regulations Governing Reporting and Management of Information on Article 22 Bis of the Company Act(2018.10.31) CH
10. Regulations Governing Review of Applications for Reservation of Corporate Names and Business Scopes(2018.11.08) CH
11. Regulations Governing the Implementation of Filing Company Registration Applications and Services by Electronic Means(2018.11.08) CH
12. Regulations Governing the Operation of and Compliance Requirements for Split Voting by Shareholders of Public Companies(2012.04.13) CH
13. Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for Merger or Assignment of Operations of Securities Firms(2015.06.04) CH